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Most of my working life was spent in UK Government service, ending in 1999. After retirement, as I read my bible I kept sensing the Lord's heart for the needy, the marginalised and the rejected. This led me into work as a Christian volunteer in three areas:

1) Four years in a local City Mission on the streets, giving practical help to the homeless and addicts on the streets while sharing the Gospel message.

2) Eleven years in my local Foodbank, chatting to clients awaiting food and sharing the Gospel and praying for healing with them.

3) Ten years in our town centre once a month ministering the Gospel and healing to passers-by.

I am a Christian belonging to a local church in England, UK, having been in membership there for some 35 years.

My church is not one that preaches a "holiness" message. The simple fact is that the Lord impressed on me in 2007 the truth in the Bible book of Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 24 which says:

quote"without will see The Lord".

Others with a prophetic voice have since added to the call for holiness. Now - in 2021 - many prophets are speaking with an urgency from the Lord about the need for holiness in the Body of Christ.

In addition to extensive study of the Bible, I recommend you read:

1) The classic text on the subject, namely "Holiness" by Bishop J C Ryle who was a leading Victorian evangelical of the 19th Century. The book can be bought through any major Christian bookshop. It may also be read online without charge at the Anglican Library.

2) The 1999 book "The Fire Of His Holiness" by Sergio Scataglini of La Plata, Argentina. In the book he relates how he encountered the fire of God's holiness. This book will change your life - if you let it, of course! Buy it on Amazon UK

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