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Caroline Tordjman - a True Handmaiden of The Lord

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Caroline was one of the most prolific sharers of Jesus that I've known in my 37 years as an evangelical Christian. The first time I met Caroline we were both volunteers with our local City Mission. We used to go out on Wednesday mornings pulling little trollies on wheels, giving out sausage rolls, pasties and hot drinks to the street people. And, being a true disciple, Caroline was always keen to share Jesus and the hope that He offered to the hopeless.

Caroline was simply a natural in this role. She was so warm and loving to everyone we met, no matter who they were, whether they were on drugs, homeless in a shop doorway, or Big Issue sellers. She valued everyone equally, always with a smile and a cheery word. She had a great love for Jesus, which was why she was so keen to minister to the rejected and the marginalised. Caroline loved her bible and she faithfully practiced what she read in it.

In later years we both also ministered with our city's Healing On The Streets team. We went out once a month on a Saturday morning, setting up in the centre. Here again, Caroline went out of her way to engage people in conversation and pray for them, hoping that she might in some way introduce them to Jesus . On the rare occasions Caroline was absent she was most likely to be off again to Israel, a country she really loved to return to, time and again.

Caroline also spent time as a volunteer going out with Gloucester Street Pastors on Saturday nights. Those who went out with her said:"Caroline was lovely, loyal, kind and approachable. She was an effective team member, always concerned for the safety of young people. We are grateful to God for her time with us."

I very much doubt whether Caroline ever stood in a pulpit or preached a sermon. To be quite honest, her gifts were just too valuable to be limited to a church setting.

Caroline truly was "a lovely person". All of us who worked with her will miss her terribly. But we will always remember her cheerfulness, her ready smile and her laugh. One day we WILL see her again. And I, for one, look forward to counting the beautiful diamonds in her heavenly crown.

Brian Johnson

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