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Prophetic words for the Body of Christ concerning the days ahead.

Given to the owner of from 2020 onwards.

INTRODUCTORY NOTE: Each time I received prophetic words I submitted them to the UK Facebook Prophetic Forum(over 8,000 members)for weighing and testing by many prophets, both UK based and International. Subsequent to their discernment, weighing and testing I now post them here.

Additional Note: See video teaching at the foot of this page on how to discern whether a prophecy or teaching is true or false.

On 2 July 2020 I asked the Lord if He had anything to say to me. He replied:

"There are some things I would bring to your attention. First of all, you need to devote more time to praying to me for your family and your needs for the future. The time is coming when you will be without many daily necessities. You must prepare in advance by seeking my face and asking me to provide for all your needs. Your needs will be many and varied and many will experience at that time significant loss of goods and property.

I will care for you and your loved ones during this time of need. However you need to be on your knees daily in supplication to me. Hard and difficult times are coming to this earth and my people need to prepare now for these.

Call out to me night and day for guidance and protection from the trials that will come. Do not be unaware of the difficulties you will face. Look to me continually and I will provide all that you need. Do not store up for yourselves resources for the future, as my hand will provide your every need."

Words received on 17 May 21:

"Prepare yourself for a mighty torrent of My Spirit in your life. This will come soon and will upend your current lifestyle. Many will be unprepared for this. You need to spend more time talking and listening to me by way of preparation for this. It will be a difficult time for many as life will be upended for many Christians. It will seem like their life has turned upside down, but it will be me who has caused this upset, so that they will turn their complete focus on to me.

There will be many who refuse to consider this has come from me. Rest assured, it is part of my plan to prepare my people for dark and difficult days ahead. Your family will be affected and you need to pray wisely for their protection and safety".

Words received on 5 July 2021:


"Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! What I say to you today I say also to your brothers and sisters. I am coming soon in mighty revival power. Many will scoff and deny My approach. Listen to the prophets! Do not delay or procrastinate in your preparation.

Come to me to receive everything that you need and I will sustain you through every trouble and difficulty. Many of My people are asleep and refuse to listen to My many warnings through the prophets. My heart weeps because few will take My call to prepare seriously. Wake up My People! Seek Me as your Warrior King and I will give you everything you need.

Does not My Word say: "Everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks the door will be opened?"

Words received on 12 July 2021


“Prepare ye the Way of The Lord! I am making the rough ways smooth and preparing a highway of holiness. My people need to draw near to Me and receive of My Spirit of Holiness.

Righteousness shall flood the nations to prepare My people for My coming in power and glory. Get ready! Time is short and I will not delay. Kingdoms will soon rise and fall as My timescale to bring all things to a conclusion draws near.

Keep watching and waiting as My Spirit will not tarry (delay) long in coming to My people. A glorious future awaits My chosen ones but how many will receive Me at the coming of My Spirit? The destiny of many will be settled by their decision as to whether they receive Me in My Spirit of Holiness and Truth. Many seek only enjoyment through My Spirit; few seek to be changed, to be made in My likeness.

Those who humble themselves I will use mightily to further the work of My Kingdom. But many will be rejected because they love to control their lives and refuse to lay them down for Me. What will you do? Will you turn against Me – as many will do – when the time comes to make a stand for Me and My Kingdom?

Make every effort to persevere in seeking after Me in each circumstance that comes upon you. The enemy will devour many who pursue a life apart from Me; a life that rejects My right to secure My will for My purposes and My Kingdom glory.

Arise My children and set your faces like flint! There will be two spirits warring within you. It will soon be time to choose whom you will serve”.

Isaiah 35 verse 8: "And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it."

Words received 21 July 21


"Do not fear those who are religious and of a formal persuasion in My churches. They have their own agenda but it is not Mine.

I am calling you to speak out the words I give you for the purposes of edifying and warning your brothers and sisters. The religious people do not want to hear My warnings and I have chosen to cut them off in their blindness and stubbornness. Those who hearken to my words will find freedom and joy that no-one else can give. The religious system is joyless, not of My making and so I spit it out of My mouth.

I am tender-hearted towards those who see their need and call upon Me to rescue and uphold them. These will have nothing to fear when the enemy comes in like a flood and destroys the arrogant, the brutish and the disobedient. All who call upon me with a pure heart I will acknowledge. My lovingkindness is available to all who humble themselves before me and heed My call. Righteousness and truth shall be their portion as they come to Me and drink from My Fountain of Life".


"Many leaders are leading their flocks astray and will have to answer for their wickedness in My sight. I will spare and forgive those who repent and acknowledge their grievous errors. But time is short and many will harden their hearts to Me as they seek to preserve their positions and their authority, which they have assumed over MY PEOPLE. The lies of the enemy have overcome many leaders and they need to acknowledge this and seek My face.

My ways are holy. I am a consuming fire and not to be trifled with!

Leaders I hold to a higher standard, so repentance must be earnestly sought. I AM at the door!

Draw near to Me at the foot of the Cross and receive My righteous and tender love, granted freely to all who truly repent."

Footnote: Despite not being a church leader myself, some time ago someone made me a member of a local Church Leaders Network Facebook forum for our city. Because of the disciplinary nature of the Lord's words above, I was naturally very anxious about passing these words on to them, for two reasons: 1) I am a natural coward and 2) 95% of local leaders do not know me. I was in a quandary what to do, so in desperation I asked the Lord.

The Lord replied: "The reason I gave you My words was to alert your brothers and sisters to the signs of the times. The leaders need to know My thoughts and intentions and your part is to let them know these. I know you are hesitant and don't wish to be seen as judgmental, but I hold you responsible for making the church leaders aware of My words concerning these things. Do not delay any longer in completing this task. You are not responsible for what they think or choose to do about these words of mine. Theirs is the responsibility to act on or reject My words. You are absolved of the consequences once you have given them My words to you. As I said before, do not fear those in religious positions of authority".

I therefore went ahead and posted a link to this page on the Church Leaders Network Facebook Page on 22 August 2021.

Words received 29 August 2021:


"Dark days are coming for all mankind and the days grow short before these events will take place. I want you to repeatedly warn My People that not many days remain before these events unfold upon the world. I will be the Rock and Mainstay for all My People who put their complete and total trust in Me.

Many will fall who do not surrender to My Perfect Will for their lives and they will be overtaken by the darkness. Keep warning My People at every opportunity you have, to alert them to the dangers they face if they do not listen to My Voice. I will be their protector if they so choose, but many love their lives as they are and have surrendered to the world and its false pleasures. Such will perish. It is not My will that they would be lost, as the Father and I have provided a way for all to escape the coming turmoil. The Way of Life will remain open to all who seek it until the time comes when the door will be closed. That day will be a day of sorrow for many when they realise that My Way - The Way of Love - was the only true way, and the way of death was always man's default choice - without ME.

I weep as I consider how few have a love for Me - the Lord of All Mankind. All alike were created with an ability to choose Me. Many instead have shut out My Voice, and will continue to do so, even in the midst of the suffering and distress coming upon all mankind. Woe to those who reject and choose not Me!

Hope in Me is all there is. Without me all is hopeless and eternal loss for mankind. Trust in me with all your heart before it is too late".

Words received 12 September 2021

"The darkness is over the horizon and will soon engulf your Nation.

Many will refuse to listen to your warnings, despite you repeating them. You must persevere with your preparation and don't get distracted by events in the News. I am in control and nothing takes place without My knowing about it.

Difficulties are coming that you will find hard to deal with. Your family will not listen when you warn them of the approaching darkness. Cry out to me for the strength to deal with their rejection of Me and My warnings. Cry out to me day and night for the work of My Spirit in their lives. It will be a long struggle and you will feel despondent at times. Fear not, I know the end from the beginning and I will prepare their hearts in a miraculous way before the end. Trust me in this and do not give up your storming of My Throne of Grace.

As you cry out I will hear and I will answer. But do not slacken your efforts in pleading with Me for their lives. The Enemy seeks to have them and so it will be a lengthy battle for their souls. Remember, I am the one who makes a way and miracles are My trademark".

Words received 21 September 2021:

"I know the anguish you have been feeling concerning those who will not heed My warnings about the days of darkness ahead. I too am in anguish that many will turn their backs on Me and refuse to consider My many warnings. My people are being deceived by the evil one to believe that life will carry on as before. As I have told you before, life as you have known it is passing away, never to return. The darkness will increase as will the wickedness of man.

I will have a Holy People, but many have no wish to become holy. My heart and My desires are ignored in many churches, as congregations focus on traditions and the love of comfortable Christianity without ME.

My wrath is coming upon all unbelief and yet I have provided a way for all to escape my coming wrath and judgment. Keep praying for your brothers and sisters that they might yet seek Me as their sanctuary while there is still time. As their Creator I seek only that which is rightfully Mine yet many are blind to this truth in their hearts.

I will have a People without spot and wrinkle and these I shall preserve with Me in the Holy Place. In the meantime, your part is to speak out and call My People to an intimacy with Me that will keep them in My Hand when the darkness comes."

Words received 03 October 2021

"Now is the time when I am working in many lives for the perfecting of the saints. I want you to encourage My People to seek me in a new and radical way.

The old ways of short prayers and brief worship times are passing away. My Church will now be seeking me with an intensity that few have known before. My Spirit will fall upon and permeate your brothers and sisters in a way that will lead many to heartfelt anguish and repentance before Me.

This is a new call and many will reject it for they have no desire for intimacy with Me. Many will fail to recognise the opportunity for growth in holiness that I am presenting to My People. For those who respond I will gladden their hearts with a new vision of My Glory and My Splendour that will take their breath away. I AM will be coming amongst you, and your families and neighbours will awaken to My Presence and My Beauty displayed in you. No longer will they say "Where is your God?" All will see and be awestruck by My glorious Presence in you.

From now on you will be enabled to lift your heads high as the Glory of Your King approaches in majesty, yet also in humility.

The hour is approaching for evangelism and ministry by My Spirit in a new way. Where words alone have failed in the past, none will be able to deny My glorious Presence in you who seek me with all your heart".

Hebrews 12 verse 14: "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:"

Words I had from the Lord on 17 October 2021:

“I will have no other Gods before Me. My church has bowed down to many false gods of their own making and I AM coming to set matters straight.

No longer will My People bend the knee to figments of their imaginations. I AM coming in mighty power to set My people free. There will be some who have no wish to abandon their false gods, and I will allow these people to go astray according to their heart’s desire. Their hearts are far from Me and I will give them over to their own delusions.

Speak out and warn My people that I AM coming soon to cause an upset in their thinking. They have thought to themselves that their hearts were right with Me. Few have aligned themselves with My heart and My heart’s purposes. The majority have gone their own way and contented themselves with idols of their own making.

The coming of My Spirit will separate those who truly desire Me and those who are content to remain in deception and unbelief. No longer will I tolerate rampant idolatry and disobedience in My People. The time has come for My wrath and anger to be displayed publicly for all to see. This will be a day of disgrace and humiliation for many because they have wilfully travelled from the Truth into deceptive ways of thinking.

I always hold out the offer of repentance and forgiveness to those who will willingly recognise their ways of deception. Sadly, many will refuse to repent since they love the ways of disobedience and error.

I want My People to proclaim the Truth over My land – that only I AM Truth and all other roads end in destruction and loss.

Return to Me, O My people!”

I Kings Chapter 21 verses 25 to 29 NIV:"There was never anyone like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord, urged on by Jezebel his wife. He behaved in the vilest manner by going after idols, like the Amorites the Lord drove out before Israel. When Ahab heard the words of Elijah, he tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and fasted. He lay in sackcloth and went around meekly. Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite: “Have you noticed how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son.”

Proverbs 9:10 NIV: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding".

Proverbs 12:27 NIV: "The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death".

AFTERNOTE: As I now face the prospect of giving this word to dozens of church leaders in a group to which I belong, I cried out to the Lord in desperation: “why me, Lord, why me?”

He replied: “I have chosen you because you have surrendered your will and given Me your all. I can only use the truly surrendered ones to speak out My Truth and righteous ways. I cannot use unbelief and disobedience in My service. Those who seek holiness and righteousness are the ones I use as mouthpieces and instruments of mercy in My dealings with My people. But do not get puffed up because I use you! Many will fall in the times of testing that are coming upon the world. You need to stay close to My heart and My purposes to avoid the danger of pride and deception in the days ahead. Trust and obey!”

Words I had from the Lord 03 November 2021

“My people need to fear me as their Lord and King. I am the One who stands over them. My eyes go to and fro upon the Earth seeking those whose hearts are for Me. So many are far away from Me and sit with their backs towards Me as I come among them with My words of forgiveness and reconciliation. Woe to those who reject Me. By rejecting me they are giving themselves wholeheartedly to the enemy of their souls, who seeks only to steal, kill and destroy all who are rightfully Mine.

Sound out the alarm! The time grows short and many are about to fall because they do not have Me as their refuge against the coming storm. The ways of the evil one are always deception and lies, and many of My people have taken into their hearts the lies of the enemy. The hearts of My people I created for Me. But in their blindness and stubbornness many have chosen the way of suffering and destruction.

I will not be mocked. My Truth stands forever and many know in their inmost parts that they rightfully belong to Me. But they have been taken over by their wilful turning aside from Me to the smooth and self-satisfying ways of the deceiver.

Wake up My Church! Will you choose destruction over Me? Many are sleepwalking to disaster and the time grows short. The gift of My repentance will not be offered indefinitely. When the door is closed many will cry out but I will not hear.”

Proverbs 28 verse 14: “Blessed is the one who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble”.

Revelation 3 verse 19:“Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent”.

Words I had from the Lord 17 November 2021

“Get ready to hear from Me in a new and powerful way. My voice will be pure and have a ringing tone that is distinctive from all other sounds and voices that you hear.

I will be tuning your heart to mine in a new way that will fill you with My Glory and that will set the captives free.

I AM coming amongst My People with a new revelation of who I AM, and My power and glory will be descending into the midst of My People. They will be in awe of Me in a way that will transform their thinking about Me. I will be everything that they desire and which the world has been unable to give them. My mercy and My love will envelop My People and overflow from them into the community.

I will make a way for people who have found no way in life and no place for them to fit in and grow. I will nurture these and protect them in My hand. I will then send them out to minister My love and mercy to those in need, and who have been blinded by the ways of the enemy.

Lift up your eyes My Church! A new day is dawning for you as you surrender to My perfect will and receive of My Spirit in fullness.”

Words I had from the Lord 2 December 2021

"Hear what I am saying and share these words with those who will listen. Time is short and my people need to pay attention to the words I am speaking through the prophets.

The day is coming when it will not be possible to enter your church building. The authorities will make it impossible for you to practice your faith in a public setting.

The time for the underground church is approaching and My People need to prepare for this. Structures they have known and depended on will no longer be able to offer them the support they had in the past.

People need to be trained in hearing My Voice so that they are prepared to be mobile and effective warriors in My Kingdom in this new season that is approaching.

I am calling you to prepare a group of people who will carry out the function of church in a home setting. These will be carriers of the fire who can minister to others in My Name and will enable the spread of My Kingdom life in your neighbourhood.

Many will refuse to consider this alternative model of church, preferring instead to "go down with the ship" of old style church."

Words I Had From The Lord 16 December 2021

Words Of Encouragement, Strengthening and Unity

"Keep on praying "thy Kingdom come". I am coming to be amongst My people to strengthen and comfort them to prepare them for the days ahead.

Uncertain times for My people are the opportunity they need to come closer to me and receive My encouragement. I have much to say to My people by way of encouragement but so few are seeking Me as their source of faith and hope. Circumstances around them are the springboard I have provided whereby they may be strengthened by Me in the midst of uncertainty.

My leaders need to raise a rallying call to believers to strengthen themselves in unity with each other and with Me. Personal relationships are the key to building up one another in faith.

I am calling you to seek out brothers and sisters who love me that you may meet together in encouragement and unity of purpose. In the days ahead fellowship and unity will be paramount in achieving My plans and My purposes for Kingdom growth and ministry to those seeking revelation of Me. My church will need to stand together in unity of purpose when the attacks of the enemy grow stronger and more dangerous".

Words I received 24 January 2022

The Lord Seeks Complete Surrender, Your Obedience and Your Heart

"Get ready to go out again with others into the community. I have much for you to do by way of Kingdom work. I will prepare others to go out with you and together you will do exploits.

In the days ahead I am preparing many to go out for Me as My ambassadors into difficult places. Those who truly love Me and have My Kingdom purposes in their heart will rally to the call.

Tell your brothers and sisters that I AM coming soon and they need to prepare their hearts in a new way. Complete surrender and obedience is what I seek and those whose response is only half hearted I will reject.

Times are changing swiftly and little time remains for preparation by the faithful few before My Spirit comes in power. Those who do not prepare will suffer grievous loss and hardship as they will remain outside of My protective mercy and grace. Preparation is vital and My People need to seek Me with greater urgency before the darkness comes upon them.

Keep repeating My earlier warnings so that some will reconsider their position before Me and will surrender their all into My hands of love and protection. My grace will not always be available, and so the lethargic and the unprepared will suffer the sad consequences of their own inaction.

My Call to all is to seek My heart while there is yet time to prepare. The battle for souls will soon intensify and many will fall because they were unprepared to listen and unprepared to act on My call".

Psalm 9 verses 9 and 10: "The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you Lord have never forsaken those who seek you".

Isaiah 55: 6: Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near."

Words I received 9th February 2022

"Hear My words of encouragement and strengthening. You are doing the works of My Kingdom and encouraging others to do the same. This gives Me joy in My Heart and raises a standard in the midst of your community. Keep pressing in and keep praying for a great harvest. There are many I wish to bring into the fold and the opportunities are decreasing as each day unfolds.

Make every effort to seek out the lost and minister My Grace and Mercy in their midst. Difficulties will arise which will cause you to seek My Face for breakthrough. I am always listening to those who cry out after Me in prayer. Fear not; I will hear and I will answer. I rejoice in difficulties when you face them, because My Strength is always at hand to resolve them in a way that brings glory to Me.

Many are not listening to My Call on their lives and My Call will eventually cease. Encourage your brothers and sisters to respond to the challenge that I place before them. Make Me Lord of your life and see what I will do! Conversely, resist My Call and see the consequences of choosing your own way.

Wake up Church! Seek Me while there is still time to grow and mature by My Spirit. Hard and difficult times are on the horizon and you will find your peace and security gone with the wind. What will you do then? The enemy seeks to have you completely in his grip. Cry out to Me and I will hear your desperation!"

Psalm 61 verse 1: Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer.

Words I received 14th March 2022

"Keep seeking My face for the way ahead. There are difficult times coming and your heart needs to be close to mine to discern the way.

Your brothers and sisters need to hear from Me afresh and I have much to say to them. Many are going their own way and are unwilling to seek My face for the days ahead. Severe trials are coming upon your land, and loss will multiply loss.

My paths are straight and not wearisome. Many obstacles arise along the way, but I am always present to resolve every difficulty that arises. Leaders often do not focus on My paths, because they are preoccupied with maintaining the wounded, and hurting issues that develop when My priorities and principles are not faithfully followed.

In the days ahead you will suffer loss and hardship on the road marked "suffering". Do not be in dismay over this. I will solve every difficulty you face when you place it into My hands and leave it there. Trials are unavoidable, and must come to all those who take the way of the cross. There can be no other outcome for those that follow after Me and embrace the cross.

I will never abandon those who sacrifice all for Me. Theirs will be the glory of the redeemed who will shine brightly like stars in the sky".

James Chapter 1 verses 2 - 4: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything".

James Chapter 1 verse 12: "Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him".

Words I received 12 April 2022

"Bear with your brothers and sisters at this time. This is a period of confusion for many. They do not know where to turn or what to do. Circumstances have unnerved them and they are floundering about wondering what is coming next.

I am the Strength and Security that they need. Circumstances will be deteriorating at every turn as time passes and life becomes more and more difficult for many. I AM the Strong Tower that welcomes all who run to Me. Many will however not see Me as such, since they are caught up in looking around themselves for security. This will change as time progresses.

Encourage My People at every opportunity to seek Me out as their Guiding Light and Comfort. All other security will disappear and they will be left alone and comfortless unless they totally focus on Me, to the exclusion of all else.

Rejoice at the unfolding of these days, long prophesied! Your King is approaching and many will welcome my coming in power. Sadly, the powerful and the self-satisfied will reject the nearness of My coming as unwelcome. They will also see it as a distraction from running their life in a long practised way that makes me unwelcome in their midst. Such events must come as the fulfilment of all things draws near"

Proverbs 18 verse 10: "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe".

Psalm 27 verse 1: "The Lord is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life-of whom shall I be afraid?"

Words I received 25 April 2022

Section 1 below is for me; it may, however, also be relevant to others who read this. You would need to pray and discern this for yourself. Section 2 is for the Body of Christ.

Isaiah 51 verse 1: "Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the Lord"

"My words are of great importance and concern the times that lie ahead.

1. You will be prepared to suffer for My sake in what I am calling you to do. I give you a unique call that no-one else is fitted for. I told you I have planned the course of your life and the works you will do for Me. The time is near when the purpose of your life will be revealed. Seek My face day and night by way of preparation for what I am calling you to do. I will strengthen you and so enable you to fulfil the task I set before you. Do not fear or hold back.

Remember this: I have prepared every step of the way ahead that you face and I will never abandon or leave you. Circumstances around you will be changing markedly very soon and you will find I am nearer to you than you have experienced before. This is because you will need My guiding light at all times and in every place I send you. The time is near when all things around you will be changing in a dramatic way.

2. My People will be affected and many will not know where to turn. Tell them to seek My face day and night for protection from the trials that will come upon and surround them. Have I not said: "trust in me with all your heart and you will see the deliverance of the Lord?"

In the times ahead many will fall because they have not made me their anchor in the storm. My love and protection is nevertheless freely given to all who seek after me in times of trouble. Who will seek is the one who loves Me and knows I alone am trustworthy."

Words I received 26 May 2022

"Listen to what I am saying. There are times ahead when you will be listening to My voice and I will be telling you of things I have for you to do. Do not waver or delay in carrying out the tasks I have given you.

There will be many times when I will be showing you images or pictures of situations that you will be involved in. I do this to prepare you for the tasks I have called you to do.

Often the way ahead will appear difficult, or even impossible, but do not fear or be anxious. Every difficulty and every challenge will fall to the ground as you step forward and undertake what I have given you to do.

Difficulties will abound in the days ahead. I want you to encourage your brothers and sisters by reassuring them that not one thing I call them to do will fail to be accomplished, so long as they seek my face, listen to my voice, and act on my revealed will in each and every situation.

The clouds of war and suffering are drawing nearer to your shores and I do not wish My People to be unaware of the perils and difficulties they will face. By continually seeking me and my direction they will be able to resist the enemy's distracting works and attacks.

Every day draws closer to My appearing in power and glory through My People and all will be astounded as I make my habitation fully known in and through them.

Rejoice, rejoice - your King will be among you and His Glory will be displayed in you!"

Psalm 24 verses 7 - 10:

"Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty- he is the King of glory."

Words I received 28 July 2022

Come into My Presence often. I have much to say and time is short. Hear My call to you - prepare for My coming in power and glory. It will not be long before the streets are full of your worship and praise to your God and King. Many will come to see - and yes, to mock - when My people meet me in the streets of your city.

Shout aloud to your Maker, your God and King; "blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord". Many will hear My voice as you lift up My name in your streets. Prepare to welcome many in My Name as they surrender their hearts to Me - the one who loves them.

Get ready to wash the feet of these holy ones who bear My Name and who will be doing great exploits for Me. There will be many saved to Me for the extension of My Kingdom and the working out of My Truth in the days ahead.

You will be used in bringing in the harvest. Your joy will be unparalleled in rejoicing over what you see in the coming days.

There will be many who refuse My Kingdom command to make disciples and these I will reject as being unworthy of My Kingdom life. I will soon be blessing you with My fire and power. You and others will be awestruck at what I am going to do in those that love Me and bear My Name and My Truth on their lips.

Get ready to receive the fire of My Holiness. Not many days remain before I begin to put My fire upon you.

Words I received 8th August 2022

“It will not be long before you see Me coming in power and majesty in the clouds of the air. Yes, I know you are already doubting you are hearing Me correctly. Have I not said time is short?

Keep urging your brothers and sisters to prepare for My coming. My church is unprepared. Many are sitting back in comfort and ease and take no thought concerning the urgency of the times.

Circumstances around you will be changing swiftly and markedly in the days ahead. Hence I am calling you to remind your brothers and sisters to prepare, prepare, prepare for the unimaginable and catastrophic events on the horizon.

Have I not said “brother will betray brother?” Seek me with great urgency that you may be able to stand in the days ahead. Hard and difficult times will be the portion of your brothers and sisters. Because of this, they need to prepare now so that they will be able to trust and stand in Me alone when the evil day comes upon them.

The time for playing religious games is over. Seek Me in the secret place with fervour and urgency. Make your garments clean in Me alone.”

Revelation Chapter 22 verses 12 to 14: ““Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.”

Words I received on 23 September 2022.

“Be of good cheer – I have overcome the world.

The things that will be happening to you in the days ahead are the events I have ordained since the beginning of time. I am in all things and there is nothing you undertake that I do not know about.

Dangerous times are coming. Those who serve me wholeheartedly, holding nothing back, will be tried and tested in the furnace of affliction. Do not fear or let this prospect cause you alarm. Remember – I have prepared the way ahead for you. So long as you remain fully surrendered and available to Me in everything, I will use you in ways that you could not have dreamed of.

The days ahead will be littered with casualties and the enemy will seek to devour a great number. Many will go as lambs to the slaughter because they refused to listen to the warnings given to them. Indeed, the signs are all around them that hardships will abound for those who do not take shelter in Me.

Encourage your brothers and sisters who will listen. I keep repeating “time is short”, but so many cannot hear because they are still fully immersed in the world and a dead religion that cannot save them. If only they would surrender their hearts to Me! Sunday duty and religious observance have given cold hearts to many. Awake My children, awake!

Seek me in a living relationship, not in religious observance or dead works. I am alive; make yourself alive in Me! Outside of me all is death and destruction. Works of hay, wood and straw may make you feel comfortable, but will be burned up as My Word to you makes clear. Seek works that will last! Make your day full of Me and My praises. Call upon Me as you do My Works and I will honour your boldness and faithfulness.

My heart weeps over the affliction of deafness that has befallen so many. I Am near, not far away. Seek Me urgently before the storm overtakes you”.

Psalm 91 verses 1and 2: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.”

Psalm 91 verses 14 to 16: “Because he loves me”, says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

1 Corinthians 3 verses 12 and 13: “If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work.

John 16 verse 33: ““I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

For some time I have been asking the Lord to share His heart with me. Often we tell Him how we feel, but surely it is of greater importance that we hear what the Lord thinks and feels? This kind of prayer is readily answered. I have wept and agonised over the following words I heard, with a humbled and heavy heart:

Words I received 6th November 2022


"Hear what I am saying and disseminate my words to all who will listen.

I am calling My people to deep repentance because there is so much sin in the Body that I am appalled with how things are. Answer My call by getting on your knees and seeking My holy face and My forgiveness for all your wayward and deliberate turning away from Me.

I am calling you to a new day in My sight. Things are about to change, and those who serve Me will be pure and holy of heart. Lukewarmedness will no longer be tolerated in My sight.

Fervent, urgent prayer shall be the portion of those who truly seek My face and I will bless them in their undertakings for Me.

The way ahead will be rough and rocky, and comfort and ease will only be a memory of the past.

Come and seek Me with all your heart - and do not delay. The storm is coming that will sweep many away who do not stand firm in Me.

I am Love and My people will display My wondrous love to those who are wandering around and are helpless without Me.

Encourage others to seek Me with all their heart and I will be greatly pleased with your endeavours."

Nehemiah 1 verse 4: "When I heard these things I sat down and wept."

1 Chronicles 22 verse 19: "Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God. Begin to build the sanctuary of the Lord God, so that you may bring the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord and the sacred articles belonging to God into the temple that will be built for the Name of the Lord."

2 Chronicles 7 verse 14: "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Joel 2 verse 12: "Even now", declares the Lord, "return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning."

Hebrews 12 verses 10 to 11: "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."

Words I received 3rd March 2023:


"The days are getting shorter before the terrible Day of The Lord. My People are ignorant and indeed careless at the approach of perilous times. Speak out and warn them again and again that the time is soon approaching when the door will be closed and My Spirit will no longer strive with man. My Word makes these things clear. My People need to study My Word and take seriously the signs of the times. Many will fall since they will fail to respond to My urgent cry to the Bride: "Prepare yourself, for your bridegroom is at hand!".

Righteousness and holiness is the mark of My Beloved. She is without spot or wrinkle and I love her. Keep warning My People to get ready. The onslaught of the enemy that will purify My Bride is at hand, but many will fall as they have no desire for the clean garments of the righteous. My heart weeps over how few truly desire Me - the desire of men's hearts. Instead they love their ways of unrighteousness and folly.

Seek My wisdom My People. Come to me and be prepared to be made ready for Me - the One who loves you with an everlasting love. In the days ahead many shall be made ready. They are those who willingly submit to me in all things and desire Me above all else."

1Thess 5 v 1 and 2 (ESV): "Now concerning the times and the seasons brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night."

Luke 13 v25 (ESV): "When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and knock on the door saying "Lord, open to us", then he will answer you "I do not know where you come from."

Genesis 6 v3 (ESV):"Then the Lord said: "My spirit will not contend with man for ever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years."

Matthew 25 v5 and 6 (ESV):"As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept. But at midnight there was a cry: "Here is the bridegroom. Come out to meet him."

Revelation 19 v7 and 8 (ESV): "Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure".

Jeremiah 29 v13 (ESV): "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart."

Words I received on 14th June 2023:

"Give Me the glory, give Me the praise, give Me the honour!

My people, My call to you is to surrender your all to me. The time has come for My Life to be seen in glorious ways in your midst. Lay aside everything that encumbers you(weighs you down)and give your devotion to Me and My Kingdom. Families are a distraction; work and careers are a distraction. I AM the Life that is available to all. But who will go? I have called many to share My Good News. Few have answered My Call. The time has come for My Kingdom to be your priority.

I have equipped you with every good gift you need to answer the call. Why do so many delay and procrastinate?

Persecution is coming and it is time to prepare yourself. How will you deal with what is coming if you do not prepare? You must set your faces like flint and stand in Me. I will uphold you. I will work through you. I will be the gospel you present when you are faithful and do not shrink back.

Time is short. The signs of the times are all around you. Will you go, My People?"

Isaiah 6: 8 "And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Matthew 5:10 “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.”

Matthew 10: 37-39 “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

Words I received 9th July 2023:


"Times are changing, and organisations and ministries that were used in the past will no longer be relevant to the way I am working in the lives of My people. Society is changing and your ways of doing things will be undergoing a radical re-evaluation, led by My Spirit. I will use those who listen to and obey My words on a moment by moment basis. Man's wisdom and techniques will be vanishing from those of My People who truly listen and obey. All outside of me will fail to achieve My Plans in the days ahead."

Words I received 22 August 2023

"Take time now to prepare for the days ahead. I have made this plain to you in the light of events soon to take place. What you choose now will determine the sequence of events that unfold in your life.

I am preparing many - an army - to do My will by preparing for the onslaught of the enemy that lies ahead. Many will fall because they did not prepare their lives for the conflict over their souls. The enemy is ramping up his efforts, but many sit in the light unawares. This needs to change.

Repeat the warnings I have given you, and stress the urgency of the times. The evil day is almost upon you. I am calling My people to cry out to me for strength and courage to face these coming days. Many are asleep in the light, and take no thought about the approaching darkness. My people need to listen for My voice in every situation they face. Practice, practice, practice!

I am speaking but few care to listen. They are wrapped up in the concerns of daily life- just as in the days of Noah. I will always rescue those who cry out to Me. But My ears hear few crying out to Me. Is My power no longer of any effect? Is My arm too short to save? Rather, the eyes of men are not looking to Me, the author of their salvation and their only hope in the days to come.

The ears of My people tingle, but not in relation to Me. When will they stand, and take time to hear My rallying call: "Take care, lest you fall!"

Ephesians 5 :15-16: "Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil".

Matthew 7:7: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you."

Matthew 24:37-39:"For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away….".

Isaiah 59:1:" Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear"

1 Peter 5:8:" Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

1 Corinthians 10:12:"Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall".

Words I received on 13 October 2023

"Do what I told you at the beginning. Serve me wholeheartedly throughout the day by listening to My voice and taking time to love Me. In the days to come you will need to draw on this "first love" relationship with Me to sustain you through the trials and difficulties that lie ahead.

Now is also the time to prepare your heart for My Holy Fire. You have been crying out to me for the fire and I have heard your prayers. The time draws near where My Fire will be falling and you will be enabled to serve Me in the fullness of My indwelling Spirit's fire. This will make you a target for the enemy and you will need prayer support as you walk in My ways, so that you do not grow weary or fall by the wayside.

I will continue to provide you with everything you need to do My will. You will lack nothing and when you cry out to Me for courage and strength I will hear and I will answer.

In the days ahead many will fall because of disobedience. Others will fall on account of deception, and lies that will be spoken over them. I will have made a way in the darkness, but not all My people will continue in My Way.

Be prepared for much opposition and persecution as you walk with Me. Many friends will desert you because they do not perceive or understand My Ways. I will be your comfort and strength in the midst of these things and will never leave you.

Rest assured, My presence in you will increase as you faithfully walk in the path I have chosen for you. Remember these words in the days to come, when hardship, difficulty and persecution are at their height: My dearly loved child, I AM your strength and courage. In me you will become an Overcomer - the delight of My heart".

Words I received on 9TH NOVEMBER 23

"Listen to Me. Things are suddenly going to change - in a moment. Do not be alarmed, but be amazed at what I will be doing through you and others that belong to Me.

Lift up your heads as the life of My Kingdom and My Glory flows through into the world around. No more sorrow over missed opportunities, no more sadness over what you have not achieved. I will be your success, your achievements and your progress in the following days.

Many will be lifted from the ash heap of life. Many will be removed from positions of power and influence. My Church will arise, but in a new way and in a new direction.

Words I received on 28th November 2023

"Keep seeking Me and My Righteousness. Many do not want Me, nor do they seek the salvation of their souls. I have called you to speak righteousness and surrender in My Name to those who are willing to seek Me with all their heart. The heart is always what I seek. Many speak words of righteousness but their hearts are far from Me.

Build My Throne in your heart with words of love and surrender. I never turn away anyone whose heart is for Me and who seeks a deeper surrender to Me. I AM Life. I AM all true reality and nothing good exists outside of Me.

I AM calling you to declare my cry: "Surrender - surrender is the only acceptable way." Call My children to a closer walk with Me, the one who made them and loves them with an unsurpassable love. My Glory is what I call my disciples to pursue in their hearts.

Soon there will be division amongst My People. When I come in power many will deny it is Me and turn their faces to the wall. Those who acknowledge Me I will bless and strengthen in their walk with Me. This will be needed on account of the trials and difficulties that await them in the days ahead. Much prayer and intercession will be needed to preserve the souls of those who have welcomed Me and surrendered their all. Only with My help will My chosen ones survive the onslaught against their souls.

Persistence in prayer will be needed at every turn. Those who persist will receive My joy and peace in their hearts in a way they have not known before. I will be with them through every trial and difficulty - I am the Lord."

Jeremiah 29 verse 13: "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart".

Matthew 6 verse 33: "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you".

Matthew 5 verse 20: "For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven".

Luke 14 verse 33:" So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple".

Luke 18 verse 1:"And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart".

Video teaching on how to tell if a prophecy or teaching is genuine or false. This draws on Jeremiah 23, 2 Corinthians 11, Revelation 19;10 and 1 Corinthians 14;23.

FOOTNOTE: Our sister website New Christian UK has prepared a paper for church leaders that considers the impact on churches of the Spirit coming in power and addresses many important issues likely to arise within churches. Link to the Church leaders paper.

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