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Prophetic words for the Body of Christ concerning the days ahead.

Given to the owner of from 2020 onwards.

INTRODUCTORY NOTE: Each time I received prophetic words I submitted them to the UK Facebook Prophetic Forum for weighing and testing by many prophets, both UK based and International. I have also referred these words to the Managing Editor at "Prophecy Today", run by Rev Dr Clifford Hill. Subsequent to these "clearance procedures", I now post them here.

On 2 July 2020 I asked the Lord if He had anything to say to me. He replied:

"There are some things I would bring to your attention. First of all, you need to devote more time to praying to me for your family and your needs for the future. The time is coming when you will be without many daily necessities. You must prepare in advance by seeking my face and asking me to provide for all your needs. Your needs will be many and varied and many will experience at that time significant loss of goods and property.

I will care for you and your loved ones during this time of need. However you need to be on your knees daily in supplication to me. Hard and difficult times are coming to this earth and my people need to prepare now for these.

Call out to me night and day for guidance and protection from the trials that will come. Do not be unaware of the difficulties you will face. Look to me continually and I will provide all that you need. Do not store up for yourselves resources for the future, as my hand will provide your every need."

Words received on 17 May 21:

"Prepare yourself for a mighty torrent of My Spirit in your life. This will come soon and will upend your current lifestyle. Many will be unprepared for this. You need to spend more time talking and listening to me by way of preparation for this. It will be a difficult time for many as life will be upended for many Christians. It will seem like their life has turned upside down, but it will be me who has caused this upset, so that they will turn their complete focus on to me.

There will be many who refuse to consider this has come from me. Rest assured, it is part of my plan to prepare my people for dark and difficult days ahead. Your family will be affected and you need to pray wisely for their protection and safety".

Words received on 5 July 2021:


"Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! What I say to you today I say also to your brothers and sisters. I am coming soon in mighty revival power. Many will scoff and deny My approach. Listen to the prophets! Do not delay or procrastinate in your preparation.

Come to me to receive everything that you need and I will sustain you through every trouble and difficulty. Many of My people are asleep and refuse to listen to My many warnings through the prophets. My heart weeps because few will take My call to prepare seriously. Wake up My People! Seek Me as your Warrior King and I will give you everything you need.

Does not My Word say: "Everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks the door will be opened?"

Words received on 12 July 2021


“Prepare ye the Way of The Lord! I am making the rough ways smooth and preparing a highway of holiness. My people need to draw near to Me and receive of My Spirit of Holiness.

Righteousness shall flood the nations to prepare My people for My coming in power and glory. Get ready! Time is short and I will not delay. Kingdoms will soon rise and fall as My timescale to bring all things to a conclusion draws near.

Keep watching and waiting as My Spirit will not tarry (delay) long in coming to My people. A glorious future awaits My chosen ones but how many will receive Me at the coming of My Spirit? The destiny of many will be settled by their decision as to whether they receive Me in My Spirit of Holiness and Truth. Many seek only enjoyment through My Spirit; few seek to be changed, to be made in My likeness.

Those who humble themselves I will use mightily to further the work of My Kingdom. But many will be rejected because they love to control their lives and refuse to lay them down for Me. What will you do? Will you turn against Me – as many will do – when the time comes to make a stand for Me and My Kingdom?

Make every effort to persevere in seeking after Me in each circumstance that comes upon you. The enemy will devour many who pursue a life apart from Me; a life that rejects My right to secure My will for My purposes and My Kingdom glory.

Arise My children and set your faces like flint! There will be two spirits warring within you. It will soon be time to choose whom you will serve”.

Words received 21 July 21


"Do not fear those who are religious and of a formal persuasion in My churches. They have their own agenda but it is not Mine.

I am calling you to speak out the words I give you for the purposes of edifying and warning your brothers and sisters. The religious people do not want to hear My warnings and I have chosen to cut them off in their blindness and stubbornness. Those who hearken to my words will find freedom and joy that no-one else can give. The religious system is joyless, not of My making and so I spit it out of My mouth.

I am tender-hearted towards those who see their need and call upon Me to rescue and uphold them. These will have nothing to fear when the enemy comes in like a flood and destroys the arrogant, the brutish and the disobedient. All who call upon me with a pure heart I will acknowledge. My lovingkindness is available to all who humble themselves before me and heed My call. Righteousness and truth shall be their portion as they come to Me and drink from My Fountain of Life".


"Many leaders are leading their flocks astray and will have to answer for their wickedness in My sight. I will spare and forgive those who repent and acknowledge their grievous errors. But time is short and many will harden their hearts to Me as they seek to preserve their positions and their authority, which they have assumed over MY PEOPLE. The lies of the enemy have overcome many leaders and they need to acknowledge this and seek My face.

My ways are holy. I am a consuming fire and not to be trifled with!

Leaders I hold to a higher standard, so repentance must be earnestly sought. I AM at the door!

Draw near to Me at the foot of the Cross and receive My righteous and tender love, granted freely to all who truly repent."

Footnote: Despite not being a church leader myself, some time ago someone made me a member of a local Church Leaders Network Facebook forum for our city. Because of the disciplinary nature of the Lord's words above, I was naturally very anxious about passing these words on to them, for two reasons: 1) I am a natural coward and 2) 95% of local leaders do not know me. I was in a quandary what to do, so in desperation I asked the Lord.

The Lord replied: "The reason I gave you My words was to alert your brothers and sisters to the signs of the times. The leaders need to know My thoughts and intentions and your part is to let them know these. I know you are hesitant and don't wish to be seen as judgmental, but I hold you responsible for making the church leaders aware of My words concerning these things. Do not delay any longer in completing this task. You are not responsible for what they think or choose to do about these words of mine. Theirs is the responsibility to act on or reject My words. You are absolved of the consequences once you have given them My words to you. As I said before, do not fear those in religious positions of authority".

I therefore went ahead and posted a link to this page on the Church Leaders Network Facebook Page on 22 August 2021.

Words received 29 August 2021:


"Dark days are coming for all mankind and the days grow short before these events will take place. I want you to repeatedly warn My People that not many days remain before these events unfold upon the world. I will be the Rock and Mainstay for all My People who put their complete and total trust in Me.

Many will fall who do not surrender to My Perfect Will for their lives and they will be overtaken by the darkness. Keep warning My People at every opportunity you have, to alert them to the dangers they face if they do not listen to My Voice. I will be their protector if they so choose, but many love their lives as they are and have surrendered to the world and its false pleasures. Such will perish. It is not My will that they would be lost, as the Father and I have provided a way for all to escape the coming turmoil. The Way of Life will remain open to all who seek it until the time comes when the door will be closed. That day will be a day of sorrow for many when they realise that My Way - The Way of Love - was the only true way, and the way of death was always man's default choice - without ME.

I weep as I consider how few have a love for Me - the Lord of All Mankind. All alike were created with an ability to choose Me. Many instead have shut out My Voice, and will continue to do so, even in the midst of the suffering and distress coming upon all mankind. Woe to those who reject and choose not Me!

Hope in Me is all there is. Without me all is hopeless and eternal loss for mankind. Trust in me with all your heart before it is too late".

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