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About Me

I am a Christian belonging to a local church in England, UK, having been in membership there for some 20 years.

My church is not one that preaches a "holiness" message. The simple fact is that the Lord has impressed on me in 2007 the truth of Hebrews 12:24 which says "without holiness no-one will see The Lord".

Others with a prophetic voice were giving out the same message over the Internet in 2007, when this site was created. POSTSCRIPT: many more are sensing the same call to holiness - now in 2011.

In addition to extensive study of the Bible, I recommend you read the classic text on the subject, namely "Holiness" by Bishop J C Ryle who was a leading Victorian evangelical of the 19th Century. The book can be bought through any major Christian bookshop. It may also be read online without charge at this location.