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Holiness - Prophetic Word via Yolanda Ballard

Stirring Afresh To Holiness from Yolanda Ballard


Feb 7, 2007

This is the day and the hour that I am stirring afresh My people to holiness and all that they should do in this day of preparation. For I am calling My remnant bride together and in unity they will seek My face and worship Me, and they will pull down powers and principalities by their worship and intercession alone.

For I am pleased with My bride, and I am calling them together. I see their hearts of thirst and hunger for Me. Yes, cry out deeper for Me that I may fill them to overflowing of My wisdom and knowledge of Me. Yes, deep calls unto deep this hour, and I am ready to fill My faithful remnant to overflowing. Come before Me and bow down and I will bless you. Yes, I will activate those gifts that lie dormant in you. Yes, I am ready to fill you up.

Like a small and helpless baby bird rise up and open wide and I will fill your mouth with My words that they may flow out to touch the nations......those who are crying out for Me right now. Yes, pray for those countries that come upon your heart in intercession for I am pouring out My burden upon you for you are hungry for it.

Cry out for My people, for Israel, that they will see My light and respond to My saving grace. Be ready for I will roar through you and now, My people, for I am ready to break forth the flood gates of heaven and My glory will come down in torrents. Yes, it is beginning to rain and I will refresh you. Yes, I will refresh your heart and stir you to holiness. I will pour out more light upon you and the grace for you to walk in it.

You know those areas you've questioned Me about. Those areas you don't understand about your lack of holiness, or of discernment, or even of the lack of conviction of My will and My ways. I've seen your heart and your questioning Me why I was allowing this and not allowing that to happen in your life. And you were faithful to wait upon Me and for My timing to lead you into a deeper walk of holiness.

And yes, you are ready, My bride, My beloved and faithful ones. Yes, I am pleased with you and I am bringing you up higher for this is the time and the hour. You are faithful. You are My remnant and through you I will pour out My power, My love and My glory to touch the nations says your God.

There is nothing that is impossible to those who believe and trust in My faithfulness to perform My word through. I said that you would do greater works because I went to be with My Father and I entrusted to you My power, my wisdom and My might to perform the miracles, the signs and the wonders that will draw in the lost. And I will speak to those hearts those deep things that no one else knows besides Me, and this will get their attention that I AM God and there is no other like Me.

Yes, I will touch their hearts with those areas they've cried out to Me for, but they didn't know that I heard them. For now I will teach them the way to come before Me and to receive My saving grace. Yes, I died for them! I know who are Mine and will respond, and I will lead you to them. They will be ready and they will see My light and glory radiating off of you. Yes, there are multitudes prepared and coming forth for I am ushering in My end time harvest and yes, through My bride I will flow mightily with such extravagant love and glory, peace like a river, and the joy unspeakable that they cannot refuse.

Yes, this is the time and the hour. Open wide the flood gates of heaven. Open wide your hearts. Be ready and be willing and I will use! But remember that without holiness you will not see God. So stir your heart afresh this day to holiness.

Source: http://www.etpv.org/2007/sa2hol.html