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Online book "Holiness" (by Anglican Bishop J C Ryle) Many consider this to be the best book on the subject.

The Holiness of God (Christian Classics Etheral Library)

Holiness essential to salvation (Charles Finney sermon).

On Being Holy (Charles Finney sermon).

Rules For Living A Holy Life (William Law 1686 - 1761).
A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life (William Law - written 1728) Both Charles Wesley and George Whitefield described their reading of this book as a major turning point in their life.

The Way Of Holiness (Jonathan Edwards 1703 - 1758).

The Holiness Of God (Thomas Watson - Puritan preacher).

A Revelation Of The Way Of Holiness (online pdf book).

Scriptures On Holiness
Coming Soon - A Revival of Holiness (David Wilkerson).

Holy Ground - The Only Way To Be Holy (David Wilkerson).

Humility online book by Andrew Murray.

Holiness online article by Andrew Murray.

The Secret Of The Cross online article by Andrew Murray.
Last Days Witnesses (David Wilkerson).

The Pursuit of God online book (A W Tozer).

What The Bible Says About Living a Holy Life (Gloucestershire,UK)

The Interceders - calling the UK to prayer for revival in Great Britain

What Is The Gospel? (Gloucestershire,UK)

New Christian UK (Gloucestershire,UK)

Hope for Healing (Gloucestershire,UK)

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