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The Coming Baptism Of Fire With Holiness


Introductory Note: all the words/replies from the Lord I quote below were written down by me on the spot, at home, as I heard them. So they are verbatim - the actual words God spoke to me in my mind at that time.

By way of background, some 18 years ago - 2005 - I was in the bath with my bible having a soak and reading John the Baptist's words: "He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire". After getting out of the bath, suddenly, out of the blue, the presence of the Lord came upon me and I found myself desperately and agonisingly pleading for his holy fire - "I MUST HAVE THE FIRE", "I MUST HAVE THE FIRE", over and over again. This continued, agonising prayer came from the inmost depths of my being and was definitely the most gut wrenching and heart agonising prayer I have ever prayed in all my 35 years as a Christian. Prior to this it had never entered my head to pray for the fire. That event appeared at the time to be a "one-off" intervention by God and my life went on as before.

In 2010 when we had our inaugural training evening for our city's Healing On The Streets Team, the Anglican Curate from a local church (who did the training) privately gave me some words afterwards. One of the things he said to me was: "The Lord is assigning angels to you and they will act on your words". To say I was taken aback was no exaggeration but, as you do, I filed this under the "what? I can't believe that!" category and forgot about it. The reason I mention this here is because it comes up again in what the Lord told me some years later.

In early 2014 the Lord told me to do a three day fast (no food, just water) and spoke to me about fasting: "Keep seeking after me. I spoke to you about fasting because by doing this you will hear my voice more clearly. You will get to know me better and fasting will enable you to bring your passions and acts of your will under control. By doing this I will be able to use you more and our relationship will be strengthened. I have never stopped loving you and I never will. You are the apple of my eye. Seek me with all your heart and I will draw you closer to me".

During the fast I had a bad cold and felt I had failed in not maximising the fast time. The Lord said: "Trust me in the plans I have for you. Nothing catches me by surprise, so be re-assured of that. I have enjoyed your worship time with Me and your meeting Me in My word. You haven't failed in your fast. There will be more opportunities for us to share time together in the future. My plans are many and varied and can adapt to every circumstance. Be encouraged; I do not condemn you in any way. I am your Lord and I always seek to build you up, never to condemn. Keep seeking Me with all your heart in the days ahead and I will strengthen you in your walk with Me. I am pleased with you because I love you and live in your heart. We will share many times together in the future and I will draw you apart to be with me often. Again I say: be encouraged!"

One day He said: "Focus on me and your relationship with me. I will guide you in your steps. In the meantime, first take time to love me, to focus on me and hearing my voice. That is the most important thing, above all else. A time will be coming when you will need to hear my voice. What will you do if you cannot hear me or even sense my presence? Trust me and I will never let you down or forsake you. Keep on pressing in with your relationship with me and I will keep you in my presence when the difficult times come".

A month or so later He said: "Trust me, you are on the right track and are going on the journey I have long planned for you. Before the foundation of the earth I knew you and planned your journey of faith with Me. We have a long road still to go and many miles to travel. Always endure with me until you arrive at the goal of your life - union with Me. There will be difficulties, hardships and testings along the way. The way to enter life is through such things. I will bring you to hard testing, that your faith might be shown to be gold, pure gold, that will endure and shine brightly".

I said to the Lord: "Lord I know many faltered and failed along the way - Solomon for example, and also Jehu. Lord, I'll need to know your nearness all the time, to get through the future!" He replied: "Jesus is your example. Look to Him every time. He withstood every test and trial. He sought me with great longings and sighings and I met His every need. I will do the same for you if you take the same path He did. I treat all my children equally - there are no favourites".

One day I said "Lord, is there anything you want to say to me today? He replied: "My child, I have prepared the way for you to work mightily in my name. Everything you need I have given you - it is yours. You just need to walk in it. I have assigned angels to assist you in My Kingdom work and they long and look forward to acting in My Name on your behalf. Trust me in this and you will soon see the fruits of our work together. Spend much time in prayer throughout the day and I will prepare you for what lies ahead. Then you will be fully prepared to do the works I give you to do. Fear not, you will lack nothing. You will be clothed with power and walk in my ways". (Confirmation here of angels being assigned to me, as prophesied by the Curate from the Anglican Church!)

Then in March 2014 I heard the Lord say in the night "baptise by fire". I asked him the next day for insight and revelation about this and he said:

"You have read the words of John the Baptiser :"He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire". My word is being fulfilled in your day. I have chosen you to be a carrier of my fire to many people. Many will seek you out and seek my fire. Do not get puffed up in this or I will be displeased. As you plead with me for my fire I will put it upon you in growing measure day by day. It will not be an easy process. It will require dedication on your part to continually seek me and my fire. I do not give my fire lightly. Carriers of my fire run a holy race and you must continually remain submitted to me. My fire is holy and must be respected."

I asked the Lord when this process would begin, and he replied:

"My son it is not for you to know dates or times. I am preparing all things for my people according to my plan and my timescale. Your part for now is to cry out to me repeatedly to receive my fire. As you cry out I will hear and I will answer. The fire will burn you up and you will no longer be your own. I will possess you and carry out my plans and purposes through you".

I said "Lord, who am I that I should be chosen?"

God said: "You are dearly loved by me and My Father. All who surrender fully to me are loved by us, and the Father and I pour out our Spirit on the surrendered ones. Again I say, do not get puffed up. Rejoice rather that many will be touched and consumed by my fire and My Kingdom will be advanced. Many will be carriers of my fire in this day. Wait patiently for my timing".

Sadly, to my shame, the Lord's words about calling out for the fire went out of my mind for several years more, until Spring 2020.

On 15 April 2020 the Lord brought me up short when He said:" Humble yourself before me and prepare your heart for I have much to say to you. In your life you have wavered between two opinions. I seek an undivided heart and you are to choose in which direction your heart will travel. Seek my heart with all your strength that your way ahead might be one of obedience and service to me. I have made all things possible for you to achieve in my name, but it is for you to choose what the outcome will be. There will be times when the way will be difficult and dark and you will only be able to stand in my strength. Therefore prepare your heart that you might seek the straight path that honours me and my ways."

As you can imagine I was astonished by the phrase: "In your life you have wavered between two opinions". Before we are born again we live as the world does (one opinion). But clearly the Lord was talking about my Christian life. I came to the conclusion that my Christian walk was defective in that I was clearly walking with one foot in the world. Imagine my amazement when reading my NIV bible a week later I read the exact same words: "in your life you have wavered between two opinions" The Lord's meaning became crystal clear when I read the context of the words. In 1 Kings Chapter 18 Elijah is contending with the prophets of Baal. In the process he addresses the people and prophets of Israel who are also assembled there and accusingly challenges them: "Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him." Boy, did I feel chastened and humbled before the Lord!!

On 2 July 2020 the Lord said:"you need to devote more time to praying to me for your family and your needs for the future. The time is coming when you will be without many daily necessities. You must prepare in advance by seeking my face and asking me to provide for all your needs. Your needs will be many and varied and many will experience at that time significant loss of goods and property. I will care for you and your loved ones during this time of need. However you need to be on your knees daily in supplication to me. Hard and difficult times are coming to this earth and my people need to prepare now for these. Call out to me night and day for guidance and protection from the trials that will come. Do not be unaware of the difficulties you will face. Look to me continually and I will provide all that you need. Do not store up for yourselves resources for the future, as my hand will provide your every need."

By August 2020 I was back on track, fasting and praying and listening for the Lord but seeing and hearing nothing specific, so I said: "Why am I not hearing your voice regularly, despite fasting and praying?" He replied: "Write down what I'm going to say to you".

He said: "You are not yet ready for what I want to say to you. I love the efforts you have been making to hear my voice and get close to my heart. You are making good progress in your internal life with me. Wait and persevere so that I might do a complete work in you. Do not be downcast or upset at the seeming lack of progress. In due time you will burst forth like a flower coming into bloom and all will see my beauty through you. Persevere, persevere, persevere!"

Then, on 23 September 2020 the Lord said:

"Because you are preparing yourself for ministry in my name I am bestowing on you my righteousness and holiness. This will be manifested in you as you walk in my ways and minister to those I am bringing to you. Do not turn anyone away, because they will have been sent by me for you to minister to.

There will be many who will seem unsuitable and not the type of person you expect. Nevertheless, my ways are higher and so you must work according to my plans.

This will happen sooner than you think since I am bringing things rapidly to a conclusion. The world is changing very fast and your old ways are passing away, never to return. Brothers and sisters will be meeting you from many backgrounds and your life experience will be radically altered. Keep praying to me for the strength you need and for the holy fire that will surround you and consume you.

You will be used to minister my presence and my holy fire to those who seek after me and my truth and righteousness. Some will come for other reasons and I will give you the ability to discern motives. Do not judge people who will come, as my love is available and freely given to all, irrespective of motive". He then continued with a word of warning about the fire: "I will take responsibility for my Kingdom work and your hands and the hands of others must not touch it or interfere with it, otherwise there will be a penalty to pay and I do not wish to administer discipline unless you are wayward in this task. Be faithful and do not give up or delay in acting on what I give you to do".

On waking on 12 October, I had a momentary "flash" vision of a mini queue outside my front door, one behind the other. The first person was our window cleaner, the second an 84 year old man I know. My interpretation is that this was an illustration from the Lord showing how some coming to me will be "the kind of people who seem unsuitable and not the type you expect". Two days prior to this as I was praying in the morning the Lord said: "So and So (name omitted) is pivotal and he will be coming to see you". He is someone I know of and have met once, but again is someone I would definitely not expect to be seeking after the fire. In the past I have doubted whether this man was even a genuine Christian! God's ways sure are higher than ours!

In January 2021 I am continuing to cry out to the Lord for His holy fire, day and night. I am also praying for the strength and courage to walk in it. I still have no idea when all this will come to pass.

Words from the Lord 28 July 2021:

"Prepare yourself afresh for going out in My name to do My works. In the past I have spoken to you of receiving your brothers and sisters in my name to receive my holy fire. I am now preparing you to step out into the community to bring My life and My Spirit's fire into dark places where many fear to go. Fear not, I do not send you out unprepared or ill-equipped. Everything that I have is yours, freely given by Me, because you are totally submitted to the Father and Myself.

This will be a new beginning for you as you step out in faith to places and to meet people I will show you. These are people I have been preparing since ages past to receive of My love and My life in ways they have not imagined.

Going forth in this way will bring you into conflict with spiritual powers and forces you have not before encountered. Again I say, do not fear as I have prepared the way for you to work and minister for My glory. You will not be going alone. I will provide you with companions like you whom I have been preparing in the quiet places. Their preparation is part of their calling to this work and you and they will be going forth in My mighty power.

There will be a delay before you undertake this new work as I am setting in place all relevant circumstances that will ensure you will complete faithfully this task. You do not need to worry about finding companions for this work. I will bring them to you at the right time. Keep seeking my face at all times and your total surrender will enable me to do My work of preparing you and your companions.

Don't delay in preparing for this new task. I will show you all you need to know in advance and when all is prepared I will send you out".

Words from the Lord 13 December 2022:

Intro: Just when you think you truly have surrendered your all, the Lord provides a reality check. He gave me the following words on 13 December 2022:


"Give me all that you have, holding nothing back. I only have a part of you and want you to surrender the hidden areas of your life. Ask of Me and I will show you what you have held back. I seek your all, every secret and hidden part of your being. I will unlock these hidden areas of your life when you cry out for Me to do it. I am always willing to encourage a deeper surrender in you, more than you can know.

I am a jealous God. Those who are Mine I pare back to reveal their deepest parts, so that My Spirit may permeate and suffuse you in a way that you have not known before. This will take time and I am encouraging you to begin this deeper opening up to me to prepare you for what is to come.

You know that My Holy Fire is coming into your life, and I must prepare a place for My Habitation in you. This will be a costly surrender for you and a painful one. Do not fear or shrink back. I will bring you to a place where I will enable you to stand before Me as one who is prepared for My coming in Holiness and Majesty. This will not be long, and so you need to seek My Face throughout the day in a most earnest and committed fashion. This will please Me and will bring you into a place of readiness and preparation.

The times ahead will be unnerving and hard to cope with, but I will be with you in all you undertake in My name. It will be My Will and My Activity that you will pursue, and in doing so you will be blessed by Myself and The Father. Dangers lie along the road ahead and you will need always to hear My Voice to gain the victory over life in these remaining days.

I will always be with you - sure and steadfast."

After receiving the above I then recalled Jeremiah 17: 9 - which put the Lord's words into context: "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure - who can understand it?"

On 13 October 2023 the Lord said: "Do what I told you at the beginning. Serve me wholeheartedly throughout the day by listening to My voice and taking time to love Me. In the days to come you will need to draw on this "first love" relationship with Me to sustain you through the trials and difficulties that lie ahead.

Now is also the time to prepare your heart for My Holy Fire. You have been crying out to me for the fire and I have heard your prayers. The time draws near where My Fire will be falling and you will be enabled to serve Me in the fullness of My indwelling Spirit's fire. This will make you a target for the enemy and you will need prayer support as you walk in My ways, so that you do not grow weary or fall by the wayside.

I will continue to provide you with everything you need to do My will. You will lack nothing and when you cry out to Me for courage and strength I will hear and I will answer.

In the days ahead many will fall because of disobedience. Others will fall on account of deception, and lies that will be spoken over them. I will have made a way in the darkness, but not all My people will continue in My Way.

Be prepared for much opposition and persecution as you walk with Me. Many friends will desert you because they do not perceive or understand My Ways. I will be your comfort and strength in the midst of these things and will never leave you.

Rest assured, My presence in you will increase as you faithfully walk in the path I have chosen for you. Remember these words in the days to come, when hardship, difficulty and persecution are at their height: My dearly loved child, I AM your strength and courage. In me you will become an Overcomer - the delight of My heart".

On 9 November 2023 the Lord said:"The fire will come soon and will incinerate what remains of self and disposition of will. You must always obey My Commands in relation to the Fire of the Spirit, and do not under any circumstances take matters into your own hands. Listen continuously to My Direction and Words of Leading so that you remain within My Will and do not risk disobedience.

Those who will be coming to you will soon be at your door. Remember - they will have been sent by Me, according to My Plans and My Purposes. Your whole mindset in relation to comfort and ease will need a radical change. My Spirit goes where He wills and you will likewise be going according to the Spirit's movement and direction. Be always listening and always obeying. The enemy will be seeking to distract you with "good ideas" and "sensible plans". My Word is your authority. As I spoke My Word to the enemy, so must you also. He must respect and obey what I say and do.

Be encouraged! I will always be with you in the midst of any trial or difficulty. So do not fear or be anxious!"

I am continuing to pray day and night, as commanded by Jesus, for the Baptism of Fire. 18 years and counting now! Maranatha Shekinah!

Written by William

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